Wednesday, July 09, 2008

How was your July 4? We had a nice laid back one.. James decided he wanted to spend it out in the 'burbs rather than in the city..we've always spent it there. We made a quick trip to a bike store, Borders, and Ikea so I could pick up a new work table..we thought it would be dead in there (we already felt bad about running errands instead of being outside), but it was hopping. Helped us hurry things up though and before we knew it we were home enjoying a nice meal al fresco with my family.

While out and about I saw a Studebaker Lark! I could see myself in this car... We circled it..haha


After dinner James and I rode my parents' bikes to the grocery store for wine and hummus and water to bring to the nearby park where we had a picnic and waited for the fireworks. It was a lot of fun biking and just relaxing. I hope we can do it again soon. Here are some photos..there are a few more on my Flickr..

That's a hot air balloon, not a water tower haha


picnic reading material

suburban countryside

Oh! Also, the day before July 4 I chopped off my hair! I was able to donate it to Locks of Love , so that was really neat. I never thought I'd have hair long enough to participate in that. My palms were sweating when she cut it off..funny, cos I only consider my attachment to my hair being moderate..but I can now understand why people bawl their eyes out on those makeover shows. It's a strange experience, especially when they plop the ponytailed remains on the counter in front of you! ..Also I am pretty much a full head of natural colored hair now..pretty crazy. I wonder if I'll stick with it.


  1. Your picnic blanket is the best!!

    I can't believe you cut off your hair, but I bet it looks great. I cut my hair really short about five years ago and I'm still trying to grow it back to the length I want! I can't wait to see pictures.

    What are the magazines you're reading? I see Vogue Living but don't recognize the others.

  2. hahah anabela those ARE the pictures! maybe it looks like my hair is behind my shoulders though.. haha. it's ok.. two of my close friends didn't realize i cut it either! my hair was reaaaallly long..but for some reason it feels like i've had this new length forever. i kinda wish i went a tad shorter..but we'll see. it's slightly longer in the front.

    i'm a slow magazine reader these days a few of those are kinda out of date maybe.. there i have australian vogue living, milk (a really awesome french kids magazine), uk elle decor, and wired magazine haha. they are all pretty good so far (still working through them!)

  3. Oh, I feel silly! Please note the hour of the morning that I posted my comment. And I think it obviously means that it was a good choice -- not overly dramatic, you know? xo

  4. what a wonderful day that must have been! the scenery looks so green and peaceful! how fun...

    not to mention your oh so cute style and that to die for picnic blanket! :)

  5. haha i know what you mean for sure, and thank you anabela :)

    ashley- yeah it was a nice day for sure. I KNOW i absolutly love this blanket! my mom got one too..hers is in pinks and oranges..we can't decide if we want to keep using it for picnics and the beach, make it into a slipcover, or use it as a blanket around the house! we got it at homegoods so it was a great deal!


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