Thursday, July 24, 2008


How exciting to wake up and see my studio space on the Poppytalk blog! This is really exciting for me and I'm honored to show you all my new little space! It's a bit different right now as I'm very busy (ok and a bit messy, but organized mess!) getting ready for the Chicago Renegade Craft Fair in September. My table looked like this the other day..


Doilies all over the place! In the process of making more light a few new styles!

So yes, a big hello and welcome to any of you who may be wandering over here!


  1. I saw the post this morning! Congratulations!

    I may have a bunch of doilies to send you. I went a little doily-crazy a few months ago and now I'm running out of space for them!

  2. congrats! how exciting! you deserve it! :)

    i love colorful vintage doiles. i sewed some onto pillows to add a little something to my room! i love all of the colors that you found!

  3. Thanks, Anabela :) ..and I would totally love to receive doilies if you don't need them after all! I'll have to figure out something I can send to you..

    Hey thanks Ashley! Oh I love them too haha..putting them on a pillow is a great place! Perfect for enjoying them :)


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