Sunday, July 27, 2008


I cooked this about a week ago for a nice summer dinner on the porch. At this point in my life, I'm not a big fan of cooking. I love food, but I don't like preparing it, especially every night. I always end up being busy until I'm really very hungry and can't even fathom waiting even more time while I cook a meal. I know I'll eventually have to get over this.. So in the meantime, I'm thankful that James likes to cook and that every now and then I do too, especially simple dishes like pasta with zucchini, spinach, cherry tomatoes, and a bit of goat cheese.


Here James is enjoying it. Oh, and feel free to comment about how disgusting that ashtray is (he smokes, I do not). To his credit, he's not been smoking nearly as much, and the upstairs neighbors use that try as well.

James is currently getting over a sinus/cold/thing. He's been really bummed out about's not fun to be sick in the summer. We stayed in last night after grabbing a quick bite and brought home some treats from Whole Foods..


I choose raspberry chocolate cake for myself, along with a glass of raspberry lambic. The cake actually wasn't that delicious..I was sad because I have had delicious cake from Whole Foods the one other time I've had it.

Also, thanks to Sarah, James and I have been using and it's working out pretty well.. We've been watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia which we are both pleasantly surprised by haha. (We're picky, sigh). It's pretty much a sandwich of Kids in the Hall and Seinfeld. Do you have any suggestions of shows that are available on the internet?


  1. that pasta looks tasty! i've been bummed about whole foods cake before too. sometimes it's just really dry and crumbly. i used to work across the street from the one downtown so i became very well acquainted. ha. next time try their vegan chocolate & rasberry parfait. i have no idea how they do it. i tried re-creating it once and mine tasted like mud. ha. i'm glad you guys like hulu. we are re-watching arrested development on hulu.

  2. Hi there, I am a Chicagoan too i just saw your interview over at poppytalk and I am so pleased that I am not the only crafty gal around the city. I loved the colors in your studio and I wanted to say hi! Take care and I will be visiting your etsy store as well.

  3. yeah! mine was very dry and the raspberry part was just kinda blech, sigh. we got my mom a bday cake from there this past winter..something very was really really good..maybe it makes a difference also between a whole cake vs. a slice? i totally eyed the chocolate and raspberry parfait! i was in a cake mindset though haha..i'll for sure check that out :)

    i think we'll end up re-watching some a.d. also haha. can't go wrong!

    hi mona! thanks for stopping by..i'm heading over to your blog to say hello..

  4. Oh my. Raspberry lambic is just about my favorite thing ever. That glass is just perfect for it! I would use that type, but my boyfriend (a homebrewer) would lecture me on not using a proper glass. Who cares if it's proper as long as it's adorable?

  5. hi christen! haha yeah..we are currently without proper glasses for any fine drink. too many casualties and i'm not ready to suffer through more! haha but yeah, the heart and words on this glass seem to just match the sort of decadence hahah. that must be a lot of fun having a bf who is a homebrewer!

  6. Have you been watching Project Runway? I canceled my cable a long time ago but discovered the current season's episodes on youtube! Score!

  7. oh wow i'll for sure be doing that..i'd been in the suburbs and was able to catch the first two..this is good news!


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