Tuesday, July 29, 2008

people really like batman & the joker

This is in someone's window right around the corner from our apartment. It's a Joker tag line from the new Batman movie. This is pretty weird to me haha. I wonder how long it will be there...I have a feeling it will be like those Christmas decorations that stick around for Halloween. I don't care, but it is pretty creepy..


  1. Hi again, thanks for checking out my blog and I must say that I am quite impressed with you, 3 blogs! And I love the photo above. When I saw Batman I thought wow the Joker is so madly evil, Jack Nicholson is still my favorite Joker though although the other actor was great.

  2. hey mona- haha well i don't actually have 3 blogs..i just use the other two for "sections" of my main blog, Nice-etc. one is definitely enough for me to handle haha.
    drive through the west side of logan square and maybe you'll see it! haha

  3. Okay, but that means nothing I am still impressed! :0 And you have been tagged to share 6 random things about yourself, I hope you can find time to play along :)...I be back to see what you are up to next and take care.

  4. maybe it's the area we live in..


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