Monday, July 14, 2008

I need your help badly. I can't for the life of me find shoes for this dress. Ok, so far I've only tried online, but still. I'm hoping to find some that are less than $80 and have a bit of a heel, not too casual.

I've been wondering about these options:

I really like these grey ones, but the heel might be a bit too low.
I'd wear them all the time though..

Ok..this color doesn't work right? I at least like the style of this shoe with the dress.

Ok and that's all I've got so far! I'm going to eventually make my way to DSW for starters.. but any internet tips you have would be MUCH appreciated!


  1. i would suggest looking at old navy. some pearly white flip flops might do the trick. also american eagle tends to have some pretty ones as well! best of luck! the dress is to die for! :)

  2. Love pair of shoes no. 2...but color is off, yes.


    It is a Gap company and sometimes they have great shoes.

  3. thanks for the help, ladies!

    i was actually at old navy the other day and didn't see anything :( and i don't know why, but i'm usually not a big fan of flip flops! ..i'll check out American eagle..

    yeah thanks faith! i headed over there and found a couple that might work. i always forget about that place!

  4. those grey ones are amazing! yellow + grey = yes and yes!

  5. i love grey and yellow also! i like the grey ones cos they tone it down. i'm not afraid of color, mixing them and all that, but the grey seem to be all it needs.. thanks for the reinforcement! haha

  6. ooh, i have the same dress so i was interested to see what shoes you picked out for it! where are the grey shoes from? they are too cute!

  7. melissa - the grey ones are from far they are my favorites! i'll let you know which ones i choose :) ..keep me posted on what you choose as well!

    dana - i'll check that out too! thanks

  8. you might try more minimal brown shoes:

    or a slightly retro look:

    maybe the bronze isn't the best color, but this looks dressy enough but light enough for the summer:
    These might work in white or bronze:

  9. ugh i just wrote a really long thank you response to your comment but blogger ATE it!

    basically what i said was i've decided to try and stay away from sandals if possible (though they'll be on sale soon)..would like to get a shoe that i can wear into the fall at least. can you tell i have issues buying shoes for just one outfit? haha.. thank you so much for all your suggestions! i think they all would favorites are the retro grey ones, i also like them in the pink..and they look comfy! thank you very much!!

  10. love the dress - where is it from?? and yes, I'd def go with gray shoes - too cute.


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