Tuesday, July 15, 2008

So I'm back in the city! After being at home for a year I've moved back to the city with James. He moved back in May from our old place in the Ukrainian Village/ Nobel Square, to our new place in Logan Square. At first it was kind of an adjustment. There was much more to walk to near our old place..but this neighborhood has grown on us quickly, and we are so close to so many friends.

I get to use the second bedroom as my work space. James works from home also but he is fortunate in that all he really needs is a little desk. So he has a little set up in our bedroom, but can also work in part of the living room where he has set up a place for his music making. His desk area in our bedroom comes in handy cos we can watch movies on the laptop. So far we've said no to cable tv in this apartment..we never really watched a lot of tv, however it's summertime and it's much easier to say that. I do for sure miss my Turner Classic Movie channel. Big time. But we just signed up for Netflix (but can I just say, their streaming sucks! It's choppy and horrible quality!).

Anyway, here are the bare bones of my work space! I just found out that it's ok to hang pictures on the wall, so that will make things more interesting maybe..the green is a color I'm not sure if I would have picked on my own, but I'm not minding it at all.

I like having my table at this angle because I can work all around it and I'm hoping
it will make it easier to keep clean/organized (no wall to push thingsup against).



The shelve will eventually be mostly full of fabric I think.

Wires. How I hate them. My brother has agreed to help me organize
them, thankfully. I get a headache every time I think about them.
Those two knobs look kinda silly, they aren't in properly and I've yet
to find a drawer pull. I want to decoupage the chair and paint the
legs white. This corner is too dark for me right now.


So there you have it. The bare bones. One big drag about moving from home is that I no longer have access to my parents' camera..I'm back to using my old coolpix that sucks up batteries and won't focus and has horrible grainy quality. What might be worse is that I only half way realized all of these things were true before my parents' camera came along. At any rate, I'll probably be posting photos as I get ready for this year's Chicago Renegade fair - just two months away!! I'm so excited (as always), but I have a lot to do!


  1. very nice! great workspace. wow, i didn't know we lived so close before. (i live in noble square) oh and try hulu.com for free streaming tv shows and movies. jon and i love it.

  2. H A T E W I R E S !! !

    i am so psyched about michael having his own room in our new apartment because all of his music crap (+ desktop) have soooo manyyyy wiresss and now they will be behind closed doors, sweet

  3. It was a lot of fun living there..we were in that building for 4 years! ..ok hulu is next on our list..we hadn't heard of that one! i wish all television would just get on the internet all ready! :)

    katieeeee - that will be great! yeah james has a lot of wires too. i don't even think about it. i can't, i'd go nuts haha. maybe my brother could helps us with that too..

  4. Oh, wow! I love your workspace. It's beautiful! How exciting for you in your new space. I am moving in a little over a month & this is all very inspiring for me.

    Also, thanks for the comment on my dress. I have already gotten a lot of wear out of it! And, I completely agree about the cupcake stand...heaven!

  5. great space! i love everything about it! i especially love that rug and your pretty blue lamp. you have such great style! :)

  6. Just gorgeous!! I'd love to know the brand and color name of the pale green paint you used! That's exactly the color I want to paint my daughter's bedroom!!

  7. Hi Leslie- I have no idea! It was the landlord's doing..I'll try and see if he can remember :) Yeah, I'm not always a green person but it is a really nice shade..adds some color but is still a nice neutral..I kinda wish he would have painted the whole place this color..we have a really weird beige all over the main room and kitchen!

  8. Just reading through your blog here (I love your poppytalk shop!) and this is such a sweet space you got here. I love your shelves!

  9. hi sarah! thank you very much! i've seen your work on etsy and it is lovely! i'm heading to your blog now to say hello..


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