Monday, June 15, 2009



This was me late last week. I took a blanket outside to work on my banners and it was a very pleasant experience. All banners will now smell like sunshine? I am determined to bring as much work outside this summer as possible! Last summer, though I did make all my Mini Deer Plaques outdoors, I still was not outside quite enough. I'm actually considering plugging in my sewing machine out on the patio table. Does this make me completely nuts? Is there some technical set-back I am overlooking that has stood in the way of anyone else doing some outdoor sewing? Because otherwise it seems to me like an obviously amazing thing to do.

The weekend was good. Friday we made it to a very secret bonfire that was incredibly close to my summer 09 woods party calling. I hope there will be more! ...Saturday I was supposed to wake up and get on over to a rummage sale but I just could not get out of bed....but it was semi-ok because the 2 cool kids we were going to go with were the same ones from the bonfire and they were understanding....aaand it turned out that the rummage sale was a bit of a no-go. At least during Saturday's early morning rains.

Saw a movie, and even though parts of it were pretty, I wasn't that into the idea.

Sunday was a bit extravagant for us...we got up and had bagels and coffee for breakfast, and Fritz pastries for after breakfast. It's a new place and it's pretty tasty. You know, I'm honestly not a big pastry person, but I love the idea of them. And just looking at them. I had a pineapple streusel cake and it was very tasty. We enjoyed these treats on the porch. Afterward we decided to give that same rummage sale a was eh, but we went late. I did score a vintage wire corner shelf.

and p.s. - local ladies, we should organize a flea outing...maybe to wolfe's??


  1. Look how cute you look! I love your quilt. Personally I don't see why you couldn't take your sewing machine outside, as long as there was no risk of it getting rained on or anything like that! Toronto Craft Alert is having a craft picnic in a couple of weeks so I'm going to have to bring something with me to stitch in the park! So fun.

  2. what a lovely time! it's inspiring to look at too.

  3. anabela, ok i'm going to probably do it then! sewin' in the sun. .....a picnic is a brilliant idea though.

    hey sarah :) haha it was a lovely time. i hope i can do it fairly often.

  4. What a great idea! Your lawn looks like the perfect place for crafty goings-on - and this weather has been so nice, too. Also, talking about Wolf's, I have had some *really* good luck there lately - and it's been *packed* with sellers on Sundays - totally nuts!

  5. Definitely! And: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! What a great time of year for a birthday. :)


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