Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thanks for your Michigan suggestions! we actually did end up checking out Covert park (thank you, Mia!). I asked my mom about it and I guess she and my dad had been there a couple times long ago. It was a nice little park, busy, but not too bad. The water was the warmest I have experienced in a long time and certainly not what I was expecting given the mild summer temperatures this year! It was really wonderful and clean. I think next time we'll check out Warren Dunes, or head up further - it's been too long since I've been up past Muskegon!

yummy quick supper from the whistle stop

We weren't sure where we wanted to eat for dinner..tried a few places that had insane waiting times! I mean just crazy busy! We ended up at this cute little place I spotted along the Red Arrow Highway called the Whistle Stop Grocery. It was nice..and though it wasn't vintage inspired, it sort of felt like a place from way back that would sit along a main road so you could stop in for a sandwich and pick up a few things. It was pretty much just the two of us and they were very near closing time. We had some yummy sammies and some really delicious potato salad with bleu cheese and bacon.

Afterward we stopped into New Buffalo (we were there briefly before dinner as well but the restaurants were too busy) to get some coffee for our trip back home. We had a pretty bad time at this cafe actually. They are known for chocolate things and so I decided to order a Mexican hot chocolate (I know it's summer, but it sounded tasty for the ride home) and James ordered a coffee. We also took 2 slices of cheesecake home. A young boy fixed our drinks, never asking if we wanted them to go or not, in COLD BEVERAGE CONTAINERS. At first I thought he messed up and made us iced drinks and I was just going to go with it cos I knew I'd enjoy that anyway, but NO. They were hot and with a straw...had those clear domes on top = can't sip out of that, especially while driving in a car. Let me tell you, it is horrible trying to drink a hot beverage from a straw (and perhaps a lawsuit waiting to happen??). Very disorienting, haha. And the hot chocolate was the worst I've had in a long time. Also the boxes for the cheesecake were really cheap and broke while we were carrying them to the car, my cheesecake fell on the ground but was still in the box luckily haha. sheesh.

On top of that, on my way to work after the weekend, very early in the morning, I was at Starbucks when I found out that the boy had never given me my card back!! Ugh. I called James to see if he could call the cafe when they opened while I was at work. I ended up being able to call before him and asked them to cut it up. James called a little later unaware I had reached them and they alluded that they had at least one other person's lost credit card as well! What??
So yeah. That part of the trip was not so great. And there were a lot of unfriendly people in New Buffalo.

haha but I didn't mean to rant so much. The rest of the day was very, very pleasant and I am SO glad we were able to go.


  1. I'm glad you checked out Covert Park! I hope I can go camp there again sometime, we had the perfect camp site that was right up a stairway from the beach. We also happened to catch a meteor shower while we were staring up at the sky on the first night we were there.

    That New Buffalo cafe sounds like such a bummer. I mean mmm, drinking melting plastic on a hot summer day sounds soooo gooood.

  2. oh yes i think i saw that stairway!
    how lucky that you caught a meteor shower! was this the one that happened recently? there was one just the other, maybe it was even last week. i saw one! haha

    ugh yeah, it honestly makes me feel sick thinking about it. a major bummer and zero fun.


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