Thursday, August 13, 2009

man oh man. Things are getting hectic. Renegade preparations are in full swing right now..can you believe it's only a month away??? This seriously. I must say that every summer, but THIS summer..the temperatures have been so mild that it doesn't really feel like summer has begun. It's ok because I have high hopes for an amazingly warm indian summer.

I'm really excited because James and I are planning to take a day trip to Michigan this weekend. I haven't been to the beach since summer 07! What?? I really can't believe that haha. ugh. This weekend. I can't wait.
We were going to go up to Grand Haven, where we often have gone (I really like Hoffmaster state park)..but we feel like going somewhere even closer (I need all the time in the sun I can get). I'm pretty familiar with many of the larger towns along the west coast of Michigan, but I'm not too familiar with their beaches (other than the ones that are in town). I really like state any of you have any beach suggestions? Or any other suggestions really. Like usual, we'll probably stop along a few towns on the way there or back.

ALSO. saw this on the internet today: If David Lynch Directed Dirty Dancing


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  2. Is it wrong that I like this mild summer? Is it also wrong that like you, I hadn't been to the beach in 2 or 3 years until this summer?

    We went on a camping trip to a place called Covert Beach close to South Haven, Michigan. It's a bit closer than Grand Haven and similarly named so maybe you two should check it out.


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