Saturday, January 30, 2010

wall color bummer

This image is pretty accurate in displaying the paint color of the main room of our apartment. It's not my favorite. Not by a long shot. It's the color of makeup foundation. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if the floors were not so close in color..maybe. I know the landlord would most likely wouldn't mind if we chose to paint over it, but I'm not sure that I have the time. It would be a daunting task because it's a shotgun style apartment and so this color carries all the way into the kitchen (!) and that just seems so annoying to paint. SIGH. So. Do you have any suggestions of creative ways to get over it? I've thought about hanging fabric or paper literally just tacked to the wall in some places..I just don't want it to look like a huge mess. Am I just overly sensitive? Have you ever been stuck with wall colors that really just bum you out?

I should note that our friend gave us a 1950s dresser set that is in really great condition..a lot of it has ended up working in the living room- accept that it is a birch color and so it TOO is close to the wall color. So yeah..bleeeeeecccccch.  


  1. My first apartment, that I lived in for two years, was a no paint zone. It was a stark sterile white with horrible old grey carpet. We tried to mask the whiteness with tons of framed pictures. In the bathroom however we embraced it and used all white accessories. We painted picture frames white and other knick knacks to hang on the walls. White is easier to work with than your beige, but I hated the white. I like color and pizzazz, not an operating room.

  2. aahh I WISH our walls were white haha. I'd probably paint them a light grey or something close to white actually.. though I think our landlord would be ok with any color we'd want (which is tempting)..I think I like the freedom of a pale color on the walls since I like to change things around a lot.

    the bathroom you had sounds like it was refreshing and that was a good way to make it work!

  3. Our last apartment had these yellowish walls. They were okay, but too yellow for me. All the pictures we took in the place had too much yellow in them! But when we moved they had JUST painted so we didn't want to have to re-paint. We were only there for two years so it wouldn't have been worth it.

    I hate painting. I once had to repaint an entire apartment because when we got it the walls were dirty white (smoker), with some navy blue and half-painted black (?!!) trim for good measure. It was nasty! We just went crazy with pastels, and it was so soothing.

    I had to look up "shotgun style" -- I like it!

  4. have a painting party! i think the worst part about painting is all the prep work. (moving/covering furniture, taping off the trim etc. etc) BUT once that's all done it goes by so quickly if you have the help. i say organize a painting party, do the prep work the day before. get a couple bottles of wine etc. it'd be fun! i used to work for a professional painter, would totally be willing to lend a hand. ;)

  5. I'm with Sarah on this one - painting can be a pain, but think about it this way - it's a weekend (a week, tops) out of your life - and then you'll love the paint color from there on out! (I know it's easier said than done, though.)


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