Saturday, February 06, 2010

Come see me at the Vintage Bazaar!

Nice will be part of the first Vintage Bazaar on Feb. 27th! I'm really event like this is long overdue! It's going to be a real challenge for me to stay at my booth and not wander off treasure hunting.  I'll have housewares, clothing, and other finds..perhaps some larger pieces that would be too tricky to sell on Etsy. I hope you can stop by!

I've been neglecting this blog a bit.  I've been working on custom banners, organizing my supplies and such..and at the moment I have a cold that has really sucked the energy out of me! It really came out of nowhere.

Thanks for the painting encouragement from my last post! Maybe in a month or so we'll be able to tackle the job..still not sure. I've painted a lot of rooms in my life haha..never as big as this one though..I know you guys are right, that it's totally worth it..I'll have to keep remembering that..


  1. i think my roomate & i are going to come to this!!!!!

  2. You seriously always have the neatest events to go to. I wish there were more opportunities to set up a table and sell here in my area. Anyway, good luck, and if I lived closer I'd definitely come visit!

  3. katrina! i hope that the two of you can make it up! that would be so much fun!

    hey danielle! you could totally start an event like this, if you're interested in doing so! i'm really excited but also quite nervous, ha.


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