Tuesday, September 07, 2010

More Work Tomorrow..

Renegade will be here soooo soon! Will you be there?
I'm getting very excited, but truthfully, I still have a LOT of work to do... I've developed this awful problem where I 'reward' myself with time to work on new ideas once I finish up my current projects...the problem is current projects are never ending and so I haven't allowed myself the time for that reward. Not fun. I have a version of a dream catcher that I've been working on for FOURTEEN MONTHS. Yup, I had the parts layed out a year ago hoping to complete them for LAST YEAR's Renegade. I have a ton of light shade ideas, a few jewelry pieces that I'd like to work out, and other random stuff that would just be nice to make. SIGH.
I've been very busy this summer with custom orders and also moving to our new apartment threw a wrench in things.. SIGH. I have so many nice new ideas... Trying to finish up a few if I have the time this week. Not going to do this to myself again... We'll see what the rest of this weeks allows for..

Anyway, I wanted to share this photo of Hobbes watching over my banners in progress. Don't mess.



  1. 1. i wish we had renegade fairs around here so i could go as a buyer or a seller. they always look fun!

    2. i've had fabricc laying out for 2 years that i want to use for kitchen curtains, but i still feel like i haven't had enough time to sew them!

    3. sometimes, no matter how many thing i need to work on, i take a break and do something i want to because we all need a break!

    good luck at renegade!

  2. hi danielle! aw, yes, i wish you could make the trip up to chicago! i've heard lots of vendors say it's their favorite one!
    oh god, hahah don't get me even started on projects that are for me personally... Haven't done one of those in waaaaaaaay too long.
    after renegade i'm going to try to dedicate one day a week to new Nice projects. gonna make myself!
    thanks for the thoughtful comment! :)

  3. Oh my! I didn't even see the kitty there at first...just the piles and piles! But, my goodness...he IS scary in that photo...death ray! :)


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