Monday, October 11, 2010

Afternoon at an Orchard





Saturday James and I went apple picking, though between you and me, I was mostly interested in the orchard's donuts. I'm not a huge donut fan (nut?) unless it's a fairly simple donut, and fall seems to be the best season to find one.  As it turned out, this orchard's donuts didn't prove to be anything super special, just a typical cinnamon sugar thing going on..Saturday was a great day though and we had tons of fun goofing around in the trees and riding the hayride around the grounds.
It's been years since I've been to the Franklin Cider Mill, close to where my family once lived in Michigan, but I still dream about their donuts (check out this old footage haha)! I can't seem to find anything to compare (though I did have a delicious donut in the spring at a coffee shop where my aunt helps out)...anyway, I can't help but wonder if the donuts of my childhood truly are the best, in other words, would they warrant a 6 or so hour drive to relive them?! Maybe next year.. I do love spontaneous road trips.


  1. Aw man! I think I've pretty much already missed the boat on apple pickin'. I used to love going when I was a little kid!

  2. Where did you go apple picking?? My roommate and I tried to go last weekends ago but the season was already over in Illinois. Too sad!

  3. Hi Leilani! I've actually never been apple picking in Illinois, so I'm not familiar with their orchards...the one we went to this weekend was also in Michigan, but just an hour and a half away (we like driving, haha) and near one of our beach stops. It's the orchard for Grandpa's Cider Mill.
    My brother has gone to one in Indiana for several years and says it's nice..might try that next year as it's a little closer..not sure the name but I think it's the only well-known one so google may help haha.


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