Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My pal, the ghost.



Found this little guy at a party store. He came with two sort of cow bells around his neck, one orange, the other black, but they were just a little too country for me, so I took them off. I might make him a bit fluffier..and I think he needs to be hung by fishing wire and not twine..for now I just added a few scattered silver sequins. What a cute new-vintage (hate the word retro) lil ghost!


  1. hehe that's rather adorable! the best part of halloween is by far the decorations! :)

  2. This guy is so seriously cute! I love the silver sequins. :) I was trying to remember tonight, was it you that originally told me about how Lula goes as another restaurant for Halloween every year? This year is Kuma's - two of the longest-line places ever, in one!

  3. Hey Casey! Yes! I really wish Lula would do this for a few days rather than just one! We waited it out last year for Hot Doug's but this year..burgers are gonna take forever! We are still undecided if we will be up for the line hahah..are you going to give it a go?


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