Thursday, February 17, 2011

Just 'Cos

Hello! Just popping in to say hello!
Super busy over here keeping up with the fringe banner orders! I am so excited that they have had such a tremendous debut. It's been a lot to handle and I'm a little behind, though I'm really enjoying the process and can't wait for them to reach their owners.

I thought today I'd share with you something a little silly..perhaps you'll enjoy it. It's a mix that I made for myself and friends in the early spring of '09. It's meant for those nights when you swear warmer weather can't be too far off, though it's still quite chilly and the winter blues are tough. It also reminds me of weird proms..but I think that may be a description that only my mind can see..hear..
Anyway, high fives if you finish it's pretty long, i guess. It's just how I do it. If you need to stop half way, the Ashra song is a good middle. Props if you make it to the Rich Boy loop near the end. yup.

for my friends. April 2009.
Track list image:

here are a bunch of songs that i wanted to hear together. the transitions are really, really horrible.. but the songs are good! i wasn't sure how to use the computer dj mixer program (did you know i use to for-real dj?), specifically how to use "two hands"..all i had was the mouse. and i didn't want to plug in my headphones for fear of my sound card getting loose again...

but i hope you like the songs. it's kind of a prom freakout maybe.. and your date's convertible stalled so you had to walk to the dance on that long winding road with all the trees and the moon was full at first but became darker and darker as you continued down the road..

Dark Moon Mix by nice-etc

You can listen to it here or download it by clicking the down arrow on the right of the bar. You can see the track listing on the page ;)


  1. Oh my gosh, I'm so excited to get my banner! Cannot. Wait.

  2. So happy to hear your banners are flying out the door!! They are so beautiful.


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