Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Eskell Window

I wanted to pop in quickly to (finally) share with you some photos for the window display that I did for Eskell! I mentioned it was inspired by the opening for Picnic at Hanging Rock, so here is that..

The song always gives me chills! So yes.. Doing a window near Valentine's Day, how could I resist drawing inspiration from a favorite movie that is involved around Valentine's Day. Lace, candles surrounded by glittering rocks, roses floating in a basin, feathers, Victorian Valentine cards, vintage lockets..
My window for Eskell - Feb. 2011

My window for Eskell - Feb. 2011








The In God We Trust engraving event with Eskell was a lot of fun, especially since some great pals came out! We all got a lil something is what I got:


It says 'girlfriend', cos James and I are silly in love and way back when we started addressing each other as such (as in, "Oh hey, Boyfriend!" or "Girlfriend, do you want to go get something to eat?") because we were/are so happy to be that special kinda friend. awww, I know.

So that's that! It was a lot of fun and I just may do a few more windows for them in the near future! 
But in the nearer future I will be finishing up fringe banner orders (I've got to take the time to think of a better name for them)..hold tight! I swear they are comin soon to your mailbox! I've got a lot of Love Always to make... 


  1. Ooh, girl! So pretty! Is that garland made of tin foil? It must have taken you forever! Beautiful job, and I totally laughed when I saw your engraved pendant. Love it!

  2. yeah foil! it didn't take that long actually and i'm kinda obsessed with it! there are variations of it that i want to make haha..
    thank you, anabela! haha :)

  3. Hey this is beautiful! I especially love all the lockets on the big heart. Way to go!

  4. ooohhhhh what a pretty window!!! i love everything about it, looks so lovely lit up too <3

    i totally call my fiance "boyfriend" instead of his first name all the time. he calls me gf. i think we'll probably continue to do so even after we're married haha.

  5. oh wow! what fun! [and it looks great!] congrats to you Catlin!

  6. yay caitlin! that was SO much fun. i finally gave my sister her engraved heart.

  7. The title of you blog handmade and vintage captivated me, I love everything handmade!
    I like your originality!


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