Monday, March 19, 2012

going good

I just want to quick touch base and let you all know that I have been feeling much better. It has been a big adjustment being in the suburbs so much, but it has been made better by the fact that we are having a very early spring- with actually summer temperatures! It is amazing and feels so good! I mean, it could be SNOWING this time of year and it has been in the mid 80s! I love it.

Yesterday I got to go to the apartment with James for the second time. Hung out with the cat who is such a sweetheart. He's being a real trooper through all of this. And we have really great friends who have been helping us take care of him. I miss our apartment..especially with the nice weather..but I am lucky to have my family to help me out through this.

I am getting inspired and starting to get on track with Nice stuff. I am hoping to open the shop again soon. Still a little nervous since I was so busy and stressed with the business before I knew I was sick..I just want everything to go smoothly from now on. Can't get too stressed.

I've been able to have a bit of ice cream and that has been amazing. My aunt and uncle gifted me a new ipad- a super huge big deal gift that has been amazing. It is the newest piece of technology I have ever owned and I feel so fortunate. It's going to be very helpful with getting the business back on track.

And James got the family a Wii, haha. That has been fun to play with the family. Watching my brother play himself / both sides in tennis was pretty hilarious.

Over the weekend I was able to go OUT to dinner with James! That was very nice. I was able to have grilled salmon and asparagus and fresh squeezed lemonade. And we went to a movie. So slowly, things have been feeling a bit normal and I have been feeling very happy and loved. And optimistic. Things are going to be ok, I think.

My skin is kinda weird. And the medications make my cheeks very I still don't really feel like myself. My body has changed shape a bit, but I guess it could be weirder. I've always run up my family's stairs, skipping several steps, but I am not able to do that now, haha. I try each time and it's sort of hilarious..I just immediately slip into slow motion and physically can't move that fast. Very weird feeling, haha. But I'll get there. Eventually I'll have an appointment to check up on my heart. I hope it is getting back to normal. That is something that scares me.

On Thursday I will have my 2nd Chemo treatment.

Anyway, thank you all so, so much for all of your amazing thoughtful comments through this blog, facebook, twitter, email, snail mail, everything. They have been absolutely amazing and so very meaningful to me. I will look to them anytime I need strength. I already have. You are all so wonderful and I truly cannot thank you enough for your kindness and encouragement. <3 <3 <3


  1. So happy to hear this! We love you! xoxoxoxoxox

    Remember your self-help book: You CAN Do This

  2. glad to hear you're doing better!

  3. Dear Caitlin,
    I only just discovered your blog and am very saddened for your situation, but it looks as things are starting to look up for you. Remember each day is a new one and always look on the brighter side! I hope all gets better!
    Lots of love and care xoxox

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  5. I was almost obsessively looking at two of your hooray banners on etsy for my nursery before I found out if I was having a boy or girl and was so sad to read your last post! It was heartbreaking and I have been checking back hoping to see a post like this! So glad that you have started feeling better and hopefully it will only continue to improve! I do not know you, but have been keeping you in my thoughts and was so glad to read this!

  6. Oh, Caitlin...I am so sorry to hear all that you have been going through. I want you to know that I am here if you need anything and I am sending huge, huge hugs through the web.


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