Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Come Claim Your Bunny

On Sunday a neighbor rang our doorbell asking if we'd lost a bunny! It was hopping around between our front yards on its way to our backyard (we are still at my parents' house). I cut through the house to see James sitting in the back confused over this little fellow. He admitted that he never considered it was someone's pet, haha. Before long, most of the neighbor kids had filtered into our yard. I was a bit nervous because we back up to a fairly busy road, I didn't want the poor guy to get scared and dart off in the wrong direction. We eventually called a neighbor who is good with animals. She came out and we managed to corner the bunny in a bush, she caught him, and we stuck him in one of our cat carriers. The neighbor kids were so excited and just so funny to James and I. They were super efficient and ready to take care of this poor bunny. He's currently residing at one of their homes, and I'm sure he has a lot of visitors. Today my mom and I went on a walk and I snapped photos of the posters they put up.

 'come claim your bunny'

 'wants family wants to be home'

 'claim your bunny (only if it's yours)'

 my favorite one. 'spread the news'.


  1. Aahhhh so crazy adorable. And yeah, that's a nice bunny! It doesn't look like the wild ones!

  2. the sun on that first one is amazing. what's the sun doing there? just shinin'.

  3. These are the best posters ever!!! I hope the bunny finds its home soon!

  4. This is possibly the most adorable thing ever. Leave it to children to put the biggest smile on my face (:


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