Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hello all who still happen upon this blog. Things have been pretty crazy over short, we did get the house and are very happy with it, though we are in the midst of giving it some needed updates before we can start sleeping there. It's alright because even if it were move-in ready, we'd both be mostly at my parents' still. The only down side to getting a house, a new place to live, and then have to do little renovations that force you to imagine how it will be, is that there is nothing solid for me to envision going back to when this is all over. It's difficult to imagine it all when you've not lived there before this sickness. Before, I could try to envision going back to our apartment in the city, that was familiar..though admittedly, it actually was still difficult to who knows. But I like to be able to have a vision, otherwise I become worried that it will not happen.
The holidays have are proving to be a nice distraction to everything. Still no new kidney inside of me. I go to dialysis and in the waiting room I wonder how I can do this so often. I am so lucky though, because according to the days I usually go, their holiday schedule works out that I do not have to come on Christmas or New Year's eve. That is a huge massive deal to me. I will have my weekend for that week as the eve's and days of Christmas and New Year's.

Did you see Anabela's wedding on the Etsy blog? You may have spotted a Glittering Fringe Banner that I made for her and Geoff! I am still sad I couldn't be there for their day, but she's told me it was lovely and reading things like this Etsy piece is very nice. I am so happy for those two.

I should have stopped in sooner to remind you that my mom still has her shop, Oh Merci, open and is shipping until the end of Sunday December 16th. You can also contact her for rush orders. I decided to whip up a little gift guide including some special items that will be lovely for your Holidays...

A Gift Guide For Oh Merci

So that is that. I am hoping to pop in again this week with another tiny surprise. I've been meaning for a month or so now to share something with you all. I hope your having a wonderful December! xoxo


  1. Hello! I loved this post! Your blog is gorgeous! If you wouldn't mind, I would love it if you could visit my blog and maybe we could follow each other! Love, Sophia

  2. OHHHHH Caitlin!
    After noticing you following me on Pinterest and wondering how you have been I clicked over to your Etsy shop and found your message. For the last two days, I've been catching up on your year! IM SO SORRY! Wow. You are a trooper. My goodnessI I can't even imagine. You poor dear! Wish I could give you a hug. Its funny cuz I've thought of you over the last year and wanted to feature your shop in my magazine, Gatherings. Im glad I clicked over to keep up with you. You are in my thoughts and prayers this holiday season and I hope you get your transplant soon! Ill be back to check in :) Glad you have off for the actual holidays.

  3. Hi Heather! Its funny because I had been looking through my mom's pinterest followers and who she follows and saw you was a nice surprise! Thank you for your kind words, you've always been so kind and inspiring. I am anxious to catch up with what you've been doing! a magazine?? sounds good! currently at dialysis and looking through your pins to start with! :)


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