Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Harry & David's Delux Dark Chocolate Moose Munch Bar

Have you ever had this? I guess I'd never tried any of the Moose Munch things until a couple weeks back.. I was at Target with my boyfriend and he picked one up, the packaging made me assume it was some kind of energy bar or something & I unfortunatly stuck with a Butterfinger. Later, during his munching, I caught a peek and had to ask just what kind of energy bar that could be haha.. It is quite delicious. So far I can only eat half at a time, but I'm sure with practice I could work my way up to a whole bar! The chocolate is very smooth and covers caramel corn, almonds, cashews, and toffee- the perfect compliment. I highly reccomend this.

Living in the city can be difficult when searching for craft supplies. There was a period where I would go into Jo-Ann Fabrics about once a week for a whole summer, never to find what I needed. Basic things, too. I understand that things sell out, or slip out of demand, but Jo-Ann's is the only major craft store around, and is certainly the easiest to get to, for me at least. Because of this I often head to the suburbs where I can make trips between 3 different craft stores with ease. The only down-side to this is that it can take an entire day. I wish I had more time. I have so many ideas!

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